Additional Bank Services

e Statements

  • Get your checking and savings statements online for free
  • Receive statements faster
  • View, print or save each month’s statement
  • Eliminate storage of paper statements
  • Archive your statements for quick history reference
  • Have instant and secure access, 24 hours a day
  • Must be enrolled in Online Banking
  • Already enrolled….Log in to Online Banking

eDeposit Remote Capture Solution

Checks waiting to go to the bank represent unusable funds to your business. With Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co.’s Remote Deposit service, you can scan and electronically deposit your customers’ checks without leaving your office. Checks are electronically deposited into your account the same day you scan them, eliminating the need to race to the bank before the daily deposit deadline.  In addition, images of the scanned items are readily available on your computer for easy reference.

  • The advantages:
    • Receive funds faster
    • Eliminate the need to take checks to your bank
    • Enjoy later, daily deposit deadlines
    • Offers speed, savings, convenience and security
    • Find out about returned items quicker
    • No need to purchase, install or maintain software
    • Improves efficiency and profitability
    • How it works
      1. Log onto the Internet to our secure eDeposit site
      2. Feed your check into the scanner
      3. Enter the amount of the check
      4. Hit “submit”
    • Each month your business is billed for transactions and a monthly access fee. It’s that simple!
      Click here to view Brochure

Funds Management

Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. offers you a comprehensive array of funds management solutions to meet the growing needs of your business. We offer programs to maximize your funds availability, simplify your banking and reduce costs.

  • Funds Management Service
    • Access your account information or transfer funds between your business accounts
    • Easily sort and search for account information
    • Originate direct deposits for payroll
    • Control all the functions through a centralized Administrator portal, allowing your employees access to separate Funds Management functions
  • Funds Management Bill Pay
    • Pay anyone, anytime, anywhere in the U.S. from utility companies to your accountant
    • Schedule payments up to a year in advance
    • Schedule recurring payments so you don't have to remember when to mail them

Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. offers you a comprehensive array of funds management solutions to meet the growing needs of your business. We offer programs to maximize your funds availability, simplify your banking and reduce costs.

Credit Card Processing Services

We offer businesses the convenience of being able to accept credit cards from their customers. We have very competitive discount rates and fees, and can provide you with local service from any one of our customer service representatives. Click here for more information.

  • Free online reporting
  • 24 hour Customer Service Support
  • Local representatives facilitate quick problem resolution
  • Ask about the special for Lapeer County Area Chamber of Commerce Members

Express Statement

  • An image of your statement is created and stored on an Express Statement CD-ROM
  • Includes front and back images of your checks, deposits and deposited items
  • Reduces the costs of check research and storage
  • Receive a monthly, quarterly or annual Express Statement CD-ROM

Direct Deposit of Payroll

This service eliminates the need for your employees to make those weekly or bi-weekly trips to the bank by having the funds electronically transferred to their bank account. It is also a big advantage to the employer because it eliminates the need to issue and reconcile checks.

  • You can have your payroll check direct deposited into any account
  • Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co.’s ABA Routing number is 072403046

Online Banking

  • Free, fast and secure way to bank anywhere at any time
  • View and print photos of checks that have cleared your account
  • Make payments to your Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. loan account
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Have the ability to receive eStatements
  • Download your transaction history to a spreadsheet program or personal money manager such as Microsoft® Money
  • Minimum Requirements for Online Banking and Bill Pay:
    • Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. checking account is required to pay bills online
    • Sign up for these services at any office
    • PC must have Internet access
    • Internet browser (i.e. Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) has to be 128-bit encryption

Bill Pay

  • Pay bills in less time for less than the cost of a stamp
  • Eliminate writing checks, stuffing envelopes and mailing bills
  • Schedule payments one time, in the future or on a recurring basis
  • View payee lists, payment history and scheduled payments
  • Pay anyone to whom you would normally write a check
  • Receive alerts when a payment is made
  • Minimum Requirements for Online Banking and Bill Pay:
    • Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. checking account is required to pay bills online
    • PC must have Internet access
    • Internet browser (i.e. Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) has to be 128-bit encryption
    • Test your browser on our Online Banking log in page if not sure of what encryption level your PC has, test your browser on our Online Banking log in page

Direct Line Telephone Banking

Direct Line, our telephone banking system, is another convenient way to bank at Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. With Direct Line you can quickly and easily make inquiries on your Checking, Savings, CDs and Loans by phone. Available in English and Spanish.  

Effective 10/28/14 the Direct Line Telephone Banking systems will be upgraded.  On that date the system will be down for a few hours.  

  • Accessing the new system:
    • The system will only be accessible by calling 877-460-BANK (2265).
    • PINs will not be carried over to the new system.
    • The first time you call you will be prompted to change the PIN.
    • There will be a new voice.
    • You will be offered a series of menu selections.
    • Simply press the corresponding number for the selection you desire.
    • You can end your call at any time by simply hanging up the phone.
  • Features include:
    • Determine current balances.
    • Determine the last transactions.
    • Verify paid and earned interest information.
    • Make loan payments and transfer funds.
    • Place stop payments.
    • Activate your debit card.
    • Schedule future telephone transfers.
    • Hear about future scheduled deposits (example: Social Security and payroll direct deposits.

Mobile Banking

LCBT Mobile Banking service provides a safe and secure way for Online Banking customers to access eligible LCBT accounts for free,* even when you're away from your computer - on vacation, having dinner with friends, in the checkout line - anytime, anywhere, simply using your mobile device.

  • Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Check account balances
  • View account transactions
  • Transfer funds between Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. accounts
  • Easily activate Mobile Banking through your Online Banking account

    Download the mobile apps today!

    Get it on Google Play  Get it on the Apple App Store 
    *Mobile service provider usage charges may apply

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit gives you the flexibility to deposit checks 24/7 from anywhere in a snap. This feature of Mobile Banking is accessed through our LCBT Mobile apps.

Signing Up:

  • Minimum requirements to be eligible for Mobile Deposit:
    • Active account relationship for 90 days or more, enrolled in both Online and Mobile Banking and in good standing.*
    • Have the LCBT Mobile Banking app version 3.6.1 (iOS) or 3.8.1 (Android) or higher installed on your device. Older app versions need to be unistalled from you device. Search for LCBT Mobile in the appropriate app store.
  • If you meet the minimum requirements, you can request the service in person or using the Message Center in Online Banking. To use the message center:
    • Login to Online Banking
    • Select Message Center in the top right corner
    • Select New
    • Type your name
    • In the subject line type, “Mobile Deposit Request”
    • In the body, list the accounts you would like to deposit into
  • We will inform you within 48 hours if your request is approved or not.
  • Email notifications will be sent to alert you when a deposit has been accepted for processing, suspended or rejected. Make sure you have a current email address on file.

Fees and Limits:

There is a limit of 20 deposits per month for personal customers and 60 deposits per month for business customers. In addition, there is a daily deposit limit of $2,500 and a monthly deposit limit of $5,000 for all customers. Refer to the Most Common Fee Schedule for Mobile Deposit fees (effective 4/4/14 this service is offered to personal accounts for no charge and business accounts for $10 per month). All account charges apply. You are responsible for the charges of any wireless service provider while using the Service.

Deposit Guidelines:

  • Endorse the check with your signature and “LCBT Mobile Deposit.”
  • Checks must be made out to the account holder.
  • Be sure to include all four corners of each check. The image needs to be clear.
  • Make sure the dollar amount entered when making the deposit matches the written amount on the check.
  • Do not deposit the following: foreign checks, savings bonds, traveler’s checks, money orders, federal government checks, checks more than 6 months old, checks dated in the future, second or third party checks (unless properly signed over).
  • Keep your checks for 14 days. After 14 days, verify that the correct amount posted to your account and then properly destroy the check.

Funds Availability:

If your deposit is made on a business day before 7 p.m. EST, then the deposit will be released to your account that night. Deposits made after 7 p.m. EST, on a weekend or Federal Holiday will not be released until the night of the following business day. See our Funds Availability Policy (Regulation CC) for more information.


Your deposit is as secure as depositing checks in LCBT branches or ATMs. Check images are not stored on your device. Our LCBT apps have received the ViaForensics appSecure certification. ViaForensics performed several rigorous assessments (Android 4.4  and iOS 7.0 operating systems), including checking for insecure storing of data, appropriate two-factor authentication, secure data transmission, and man-in-the-middle and session hijacking vulnerabilities. The apps were found through empirical testing to avoid significant security vulnerabilities, and do not store or transmit sensitive data insecurely. The appSecure process is performed by qualified forensic and security analysts vs. automated code analysis, an important distinction from other secure app testing providers.

*To keep an account in good standing the account must be brought to a positive balance within 30 days of using the service and have no past due loans, any legal or administrative order or levy and make regular deposits.

Business Debit Card 

  • Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No annual fee
  • Use your ATM Check Card for purchases almost anywhere you see the MasterCard logo
  • No “per transaction” charges when you use your card to make purchases
  • You’ll get a receipt each time you use your card and all transactions appear on your monthly statement
  • Use it for ATM withdrawals anywhere you see the NYCE or CIRRUS logo
  • Available ATM transactions include balance inquiry, deposit (where available), withdrawal and transfer of funds between accounts linked to the card
  • FREE Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. ATM transactions
  • Owners of other ATMs (non-Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. ATMs) may impose a transaction surcharge for processing your transaction; a notice of this is displayed on the ATM prior to completing you transaction
  • As a security feature your card will not work outside the United States.  If you will be traveling outside the country stop in and see a Customer Service Representative to activate this feature for the time you specify (example 2 weeks).
  • Register for a MasterCard SecureCode.
  • The Fraud Center works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to safeguard our customers’ accounts from fraudulent debit card activities. The Fraud Center will contact you on our behalf if there are irregularities in your debit card activities. If the Fraud Center leaves a message for you, then you will need to call them with the incident number provided in the message at 1-800-411-8498. If at any time you attempt to use your debit card as a signature based transaction and it does not work, then you may be able to use your debit card with your PIN. 

ATM Network Locators:


Lost or Stolen ATM Check Cards

  • You can immediately disable your card, if you have Online Banking
    • Log In to Online Banking
    • Click on "Lost/Stolen Card,"
    • Follow the instructions provided
  • Immediately contact any one of our offices to report a lost or stolen card

Stop Payments and Cautions

  • Placed on items that have not reached to Bank
  • In person
  • Phone or Online Stop Payments must be confirmed in writing within 14 days

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Safe Deposit Box Rental is available at all offices (except MODU). Nominal annual fee.
  • Secure valuables in locked vaults; accessed under dual control. Your box is always accessible during normal lobby hours
  • Box sizes, please check for availability at the office of your choice
    • 3 x 5
    • 5 x 5
    • 3 x 10
    • 5 x 10
    • 10 x10

Lockbox Service

  • How it Works
    • Your customers mail their payments to the Lapeer Post Office box addressed to your company
    • Every business day a Bank Representative picks up the Lockbox mail and payments are processed that same day
    • Mail is opened, check figures are verified to payment coupons and deposited to your business account
  • Lockbox Benefits
    • Collection of receivables is accelerated
    • Accelerated funds availability allows you to pay bills, pay down loans or make investments
    • Stability of location of service

Wire Service

  • Move money safely and quickly from Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. to another financial institution
  • Bank ABA Routing #072403046

Inquire regarding fees, all fees subject to change

Main Office: 83 W. Nepessing St. • P.O. Box 250 Lapeer, MI 48446
NMLS #458980