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Everyday Interest Statement Savings (EDISS)*

This is our most popular savings account. Customers use it to accumulate cash for short and long term needs such as taxes, vacations and many other uses.

  • An opening deposit of $25 is required
  • No maintenance fee if you maintain an Average Daily Balance of $100
  • Interest calculated on the daily balance and credited to your account quarterly
  • ATM Check Card access for individuals with a checking account
  • A quarterly statement is provided

Money Market Savings*

This account offers a competitive tiered interest rate. The higher the balance, the higher the rate of interest your account will earn.

  • An opening deposit of $2,500 is required
  • No maintenance fee if you maintain an Average Daily Balance of $2,500
  • Interest is calculated on the daily balance and credited to your account monthly
  • ATM Card access for individuals with a checking account
  • A monthly statement is provided

Christmas Club

This account is a great way to save for your holiday shopping.  Save throughout the year and in October have the funds deposited into your checking or savings account.

  • An opening deposit of $5 is required
  • Interest is calculated on your daily balance and credited to your account at maturity (in October)
  • No maintenance fee
  • No withdrawals are allowed (You're saving it for shopping!)
  • The account re-opens automatically every year by making a deposit before December 31st

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt trust or custodial account established exclusively for the purpose of paying or reimbursing qualified medical expenses of you, your spouse and your dependents.

  • An opening deposit of $25 is required
  • Interest calculated on the daily balance and credited to your account monthly
  • Withdrawals are made by check, Check Card, Online Banking, or by completing a (HSA) Distribution Form, a distribution fee will be charged at the time of withdrawal
  • A monthly statement is provided
  • You are eligible for a regular (HSA) contribution if, with respect to any month, you:
    • Are covered under a high-deductible health plan (HDHP)
    • Are not also covered by any other health plan that is not an HDHP
    • Are not enrolled in Medicare
    • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on another individual’s tax return

Certificate of Deposit

Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. offers competitive rates on all terms of certificates, from 15 days to 60 months.

  • A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required
  • Competitive interest rates paid until maturity
  • Flexible interest payment methods: compounded quarterly for your best return, mailed in a check or directly deposited into your Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. checking or savings account
  • Certificate will automatically renew at maturity for your convenience
  • A penalty is imposed if any of the principal is withdrawn before the maturity date 


CDARS® is one of the safest and smartest investment vehicles for investors looking to protect their large-dollar investments while earning CD-level returns that may compare favorably to Treasury and money-market-fund yields.

CDs placed through CDARS offer investors (including institutional investors, such as corporations, foundations, and endowments):

  • Access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance
  • The ease of working through one trusted relationship, earning one rate per maturity, and receiving consolidated statements
  • The ability to forego ongoing collateral tracking
  • The power of daily compounding
  • A finite maturity date (in contrast to auction-rate or some adjustable-rate securities)


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Investing through CDARS can be a strong alternative to Treasuries. Like Treasuries, FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.  

CDARS CDs are considered bank deposits. They are not DTC eligible and, currently, no secondary market exists. Early withdrawals are available, but require the payment of a substantial penalty.

You should compare the current rates and features of CDs (including CDs placed through the CDARS service) to other investment alternatives. Past performance may not be representative of future performance or success.

Limits apply. If a depositor is subject to restrictions with respect to the placement of funds in depository institutions, it is the responsibility of the depositor to determine whether the placement of the depositor’s funds through CDARS or a particular CDARS transaction satisfies those restrictions. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into a CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with our bank. The agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by our bank through CDARS.

CDARS is a registered service mark of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are personal retirement savings plans. Individuals with earned income are eligible to open an IRA account. Interest earned on this account may be tax-deferred until withdrawn. Contributions may or may not be tax-deferred, depending on your individual circumstances. The following types of IRAs are available: Traditional, Roth, Coverdell Education, SEP or Simple. Please consult your tax advisor to determine which type is best for you.

  • You tell us what type of IRA you need and we will help design the investment plan that is right for you. The plans we have available are:
    • IRA Savings Accounts – Traditional and Roth
    • Variable Rate IRA
    • Fixed Rate IRA
    • Self-Directed IRA
    • Coverdell Education IRA
    • Simple IRA
    • SEP IRA

** Mutual funds are not bank products and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") or any other government agency. May lose value. 

*Federal Regulation requires us to monitor your compliance with withdrawal limitations. See Rules and Regulations of Your Deposit Account  for more information.

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