LCBT Scholarship

The LCBT Scholarship is designed to provide needs based scholarships for graduating seniors in our community. As a locally owned community bank, Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. wants to encourage and reward graduating seniors who are motivated to obtain a degree. The LCBT Scholarship is designed to award up to $4,000 to each recipient; $1,000 per year for up to four consecutive years. We accept applications from graduating seniors in the Lapeer, Imlay City, Dryden, Almont, North Branch and LakeVille districts. 

First time applicants will need to submit their completed application, high school transcript or GED documentation, a completed essay and the first page of income tax forms for both student and parents. 

Students applying for a second, third or fourth year extension of the scholarship must submit a completed Scholarship Extension application, college transcript, completed FAFSA and the first page of your most recent income tax forms. 

For more information about the scholarship and its requirements, see the Scholarship Information Booklet. 

Donations and Sponsorships

Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. is committed to supporting non-profit organizations in their efforts to serve our communities.  To help the Bank in considering your donation or sponsorship, please submit your written request to Business Development at least one month prior to the event.  While we will consider every request, the Bank has limited resources and cannot fund them all.  Therefore, organizations that bank with Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. or are affiliated with our customers, board members and/or employees will be given priority.  

Donations are generally made to:

  • Activities that benefit large numbers of people within our community
  • Community services related to affordable housing and services which target low to moderate income families
  • Community services related to financial literacy
  • Community economic development projects which impact low to moderate income families

We may not be able to make contributions for causes which support:

  • Individual needs
  • Travel expenses for individuals or groups
  • Political causes or campaigns
  • Membership or religious organizations, unless the project benefits the entire community

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this Donation Request form. Please submit it, along with a current IRS form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (if applicable) and any additional materials relating to your request, to any LCBT office or mail to: Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co., Attn: Business Development, P.O. Box 250, Lapeer, MI 48446. Please note that a donation request form will be required for all donations. If you have questions, you can call the Business Development Department at 810-538-1925. 

Community  Events

Lapeer County Bank & Trust Co. is dedicated to being a true community bank.  We will continue our tradition of looking for opportunities to further develop and give back to the communities where we and our customers live and work.  This commitment is more than a promise, it is demonstrated through the wide variety of programs, initiatives and special projects that we are involved in which positively impact our community.  To learn more about the benefits of Community Banking visit


Community Shred Days  - Sponsored by LCBT and CINTAS

  • Watch for 2015 Shred Days to be posted next year.


Common Questions

   What types of things should be brought to Shred Day to help fight identity theft?  Bank statements and financial records, ATM receipts, credit card statements and offers, documents containing Social Security numbers or other personal information, legal documents, and pay roll records.  (It is not necessary to remove staples, paper clips or bindings)

  What kind of stuff cannot be shredded?  Compact discs, floppy disks, magazines, newspapers and cardboard containers.

  How will my personal information be shredded? 
1.  Boxes or bags of personal information will be dumped into a special bin.
2.  Once the bin is full it is wheeled to the mobile shredding truck, where it is lifted to the shredder.
3.  Once the bin is lifted, it's then dumped into the shredder.
4.  The shredder shreds a full 96 gallon bin in less than 3 minutes. The shredders are so powerful it's not necessary to remove binders, staples or binder clips.
5.  All CINTAS trucks are equipped with a surveillance camera to allow viewing of the document destruction process.
6.  The paper is shredded into unrecognizable pieces and taken to a local recycling facility where it is processed and converted back into paper. 

  Do I have to bring my shredding in boxes?  No.  You could also bring it in plastic bags.  The bags would then be emptied into the CINTAS bins.

  I own a business.  Can I bring my business records to Shred Day?  Yes, this is a free event to the public.  If your business is in need of CINTAS's services, then contact them at 734.437-3200 or  

Main Office: 83 W. Nepessing St. P.O. Box 250 Lapeer, MI 48446
NMLS #458980